Lesson 21

Scene 1 from Shahrzad TV Series, A Failed Reconciliation



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Domestically produced television shows had waned in popularity in Iran due to strict censorship guidelines and the accessibility of satellite TV, which provided access to programs from diaspora media companies. This dynamic has changed in recent years due to the emergence of video rental services (شبکه ی پخش نمایش خانگی) that produce shows that would be deemed inappropriate for traditional broadcast TV. Iranians access these new shows through informal retail DVD sales and online streaming services.


The clip here and in the next lesson are from the popular series ShahrzadShahrzad owes its popularity to the well-known actors featured in the series and its setting in the aftermath of the 1953 coup against Mohammed Mossadeq, which allows for the depiction of political incidents that carry resonance in the present day, such as the house arrest of political leaders and the expulsion of politically active students from university.


The scene here shows Shahrzad speaking with her ex-husband Qobad. Shahrzad had been forced to marry Qobad because the man she loved, Farhad, was arrested by the Shah's regime and was due to be executed because of his involvement with the pro-Mossadeq movement.


Bozorg Aqa, a powerful underworld figure with political ties, agreed to help rescue Farhad only if Shahrzad agreed to become the second wife of Qobad, his nephew and heir. Qobad's first wife, Bozorg Aqa's daughter, was unable to conceive and Bozorq Aqa wanted to find a second wife for his nephew to produce a (male) heir for the following generation of the family. After Shahrzad gave birth to a boy, named Omid, through the forced union with Qobad, Bozorg Aqa forced the two to divorce and forbade Qobad from further contact with Shahrzad.


In this scene, Qobad is trying to reconcile with Shahrzad, contrary to the dictate of his father-in-law. Although their marriage was envisioned by Bozorg Aqa to be temporary and instrumental, Qobad wound up falling in love with Shahrzad, who is - as we see in the scene - less than eager to re-start a relationship with Qobad.


To Qobad's great annoyance, Shahrzad uses formal language as a distancing tactic throughout the conversation in this scene.



Segment iconSegmentsبخش ها


Persian 1/33


Persian 2/33

می تونم.... می تونم برسونمت خونه؟

Persian 3/33

امید طوریش شده؟

Persian 4/33

نه.. نه... امید خوبه.

Persian 5/33

خودم... باهات حرف داشتم.

Persian 6/33

بزرگ آقا برای شما به پای شخصی گذاشتن؟

Persian 7/33

چطو مگه؟

Persian 8/33

اینطور دور و اطراف و پاییدن..

Persian 9/33

میگم شاید نگرانین کسی دنبالتون کرده باشه.

Persian 10/33

این ملاقات بی وقت ارزش این همه وحشت و دل نگرانی رو داره؟

Persian 11/33

من دل نگران چیزی نیستم.

Persian 12/33

تو هم انقدر عصا قورت داده با من حرف نزن، یه جوری که انگار اصلاً همدیگه رو نمی شناسیم و با هم غریبیم.

Persian 13/33

می دونم خبط کردم سر خاک آقای خدا بیامرزت نیومدم.

Persian 14/33

خب نیومدم چون نمی تونستم.

Persian 15/33

روم نمیشد با تو و خونوادت چش تو چش بشم.

Persian 16/33

ولی به جان خودت شهرزاد که می خوام دنیام نباشه، تو خلوت و تنهایی خودم، عزایی واسش گرفتم که انگار بابای خودم مرده.

Persian 17/33


Persian 18/33

فکر نمی کنم روح آقاجونم راضی به زحمتتون بوده باشه.

Persian 19/33

اینجوری با من حرف نزن شهرزاد.

Persian 20/33

ما تا همین یه ماه پیش با هم زن و شوهر بودیم.

Persian 21/33

خودتون میگین "بودیم".

Persian 22/33

خب میشیم.

Persian 23/33

دوباره میشیم، چیزی عوض نشده.

Persian 24/33

از اوّلم بهت گفتم این دوران می گذره، موقّتیه.

Persian 25/33

فک کن جنگ شده، زلزله شده، چه میدونم.

Persian 26/33

یه بدبختی سرمون اومده، یه مدّت باید از هم دور باشیم و همدیگه رو نبینیم.

Persian 27/33

اینکه دلیل نمیشه من بخوام تو رو فراموش کنم، یا اینکه تو مال من نباشی.

Persian 28/33

می شنوی بهت چی میگم شهرزاد؟

Persian 29/33

نه شرع، نه عرف، نه از اون مهم تر، عاطفه من به شما اجازه بده، پاتونو از یه گلیمی اون ور تر بذارین.

Persian 30/33

وگرنه همین جا پیاده میشم.

Persian 31/33

و یه نکته دیگه،

Persian 32/33

من به هیچکس غیر از خودم تعلّق ندارم، به عبارت بهتر، مال کسی نیستم.

Persian 33/33